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Altina Light Me Up


250mL can

$6.00 per can, $20 per four pack

A green tea and apple base, with forestberries, wattle and cayenne pepper. Slightly sparkling.

It has a gentle smell of apple and green tea. Some of that chilli comes through as well. It has a really pleasing taste - it feels sweet, but that is just the apple. Nice and dry. The cayenne gives it some warmth rather than heat, and the green tea gives it some solid length. It's kombucha-esque, but not funky. I don't get much wattle coming through, but I'm sure that I'd notice it if it were taken away. Drinking this in the middle of winter, on the coldest July day in 10 years, doesn't make it shine though. I'm positive that this would be an absolute winner on a hot summer's day with a picnic or sitting by the water somewhere. I reckon a garnish of cucumber and ginger would work a treat.

Rating: ★★★☆

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