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Vanguardist 'La Petit Vanguard' Corsair 2020

Riverland, SA, Australia


Man. Every time I drink something from the Riverland it just makes me think that I need to go there. There is so much cool stuff going on. It could be the new Basket Ranges, which is where all the cool kids hung out in the late 2000s. Vanguardist make some great wines on the pricey side (and are absolutely worth it), but the 'Petit Vanguard' wines are a drop down in price and a bit more relaxed and fun. It's a nice distinction to have in the range. Made from Portuguese varieties - Tinta Barocca, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz.

The colour alone tells you that you're in for something different - it's a deep, dark and consistent dark purple. Not a hint of red to be seen. It leaps from the glass with a full on perfume - plums, dried lavender and this sanguine edge coming through as well. Butcher's meat, maybe? Iron? Either way it smells deep and dark. Brooding, even. The flavours are pretty friendly too. Dark cherries, blood plums, morcilla, white pepper and sage. As it opens a bit of chocolate comes through. It's got a little bit of grippy tannin too - nothing overt - just enough to give some texture. It all comes across as light hearted and fun at first, and it is, but don't let that fool you. This has depth and restraint. This is a serious wine having a good time. So good. So fun. The more I drink it, the more I approve.

Rating ★★★★

Have it with? Big glassware for swirling.

Classic, weird or funky? It's a classic example of the grapes, but weird in that you might not be used to them in an Aussie wine.

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