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Redbank Emily Brut Cuvee NV

King Valley, VIC, Australia


Okay, in the interest of declaring bias - I unashamedly love this wine. I drink a lot of it and it holds some great memories for me. This is the bubbles that my wife and I chose to have after our wedding ceremony. All the guests were offered a glass of this so they could have a relax, a walk around the gardens and a chat. There is an idea that having a nice time with a wine will make it taste better, which is true. Part of me thinks I like this wine as much as I do because of its history with me but, then again, I chose this wine for the occasion for a reason. Food for thought.

Honestly, this is such good value. For a bottle which is frequently under $20, the quality is astonishing. A traditional sparkling blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A pale gold, yellow straw colour with a very soft, very faint bead. It has a surprisingly complex nose, which is all about springtime when the fruit is close to ripe and the leaves are a bright green. White fleshed strawberry, nectarine and peach on the nose, with a faint cream, pastry dough, green pear and lemony freshness. The fizz is present in the mouth, but always gentle. I get flavours of white peach and cherry, blanched almond, ust a bit of something tropical - maybe green mango? - and ripe strawberries come out as it warms. The soft, tangy, citrus acid keeps everything feeling fresh throughout drinking it. It has some length too (at least one verse of Evie Part One). Have it as it is. Use it in cocktails. This is a versatile wine and extremely punter friendly. I would easily call it one of the best value for money sparklings made in Australia. Redbank Emily, don't ever change.

Rating: ★★★★

Have it with? Some bread and dip watching the sunset.

Classic, weird or funky? Decidedly classic.

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