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Mercer Wines Nebbiolo Rosato 2021


Central Ranges, NSW

Look, I'm gonna be honest with you. I didn't exactly love drinking this. It was 36C and I drank it by the pool without food. You might think that this is exactly the time and place for a rosé, but not all are created equal. This is absolutely a more serious example, made to be treated right and put on a table with food.

Nice, polished copper colour. It did open with a bit of a 'pop,' and there was a little bit of a sherbety spritz initially, but it blew away pretty quickly. Oranges and peach on the nose, with some fresh thyme and dried rose petals. Juicy on the palate. Soft and a little bit of acid, but there is some grip. Nebbiolo can be incredibly tannic - so even just a tad of skin contact can be enough for it to lend structure. This is why it's more a snack time/dinner time rosé than a drink-it-with-nothing-rosé. Mandarin on the palate, with a nice freshness and joie de vie. White cherries and a lovely white pepper note, too. It'll make a lot of people very happy, and I want to gun this with some taramasalata.

Rating: ★★★★

Classic, weird or funky? Classic, but this is an Italian style. Provence lovers, beware!

Have it with? Taramasalata, rockmelon and proscuitto, that kinda vibe.

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