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McGuigan Zero Shiraz




I was really happy with the Zero Sparkling, so I have high hopes for the Zero Shiraz. Again, I can't see any indication of vintage or region on the label, but I did see a cheeky little 'best before September 2022. Alcohol is a preservative, so it's no surprise that non-alcoholic wine spoils, really.

I opened this last night. Wasn't into it. But, to be fair to the wine, I left it overnight and am having another glass now. The colour is pretty - a bright, glossy red cherry. The nose puts me off immediately. It has that sickly sweetness which I've found in a lot of non-alcoholic wines - blueberry jam, roasted pastry, that barley/grain smell you get when you walk into a brewery. It's funny - these are all pleasant smells, but that sweetness just puts me off here. It smells like a berry pie is in the oven. The flavours are pretty intense - raspberry cordial, sweet bread, but brief. The length is there, but I wouldn't necessarily call it pleasant. This really is what I've come to expect from non-alcoholic red. If you have the option between the two, I would absolutely recommend having their sparkling over their red.

Rating: ★★

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