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Lucky Prince Pinot Noir 2020


South Eastern Australia

I'm not sure what's going on at Oak Road, but I do not like that their own wine panel is rating the wine that the same company sells. This scored a massive 98 points. I call BS. I'm not saying a $12 bottle can't score 98 points, but I promise you it's not this one. It's also has a price drop, apparently. A case of 12 is now $139, not $288. A quick Google reveals everyone is selling it for $12, not $24. So do I rate it as a $12 bottle or a $24? It's probably kinder if I do it as $12. I'd be livid if I paid $24 for this. Again, cheap Pinot is something best left alone. The grape demands a certain attention to detail which means $12 bottles are cutting corners somewhere.

That said, a 19 year old me would have been stoked by this. But I'm also not 19 any more. I'm a little older and I've been accused of being a little wiser, too. Deep, rusty cherry colour. It certainly has an aroma but I couldn't tell you what, specifically. Red berries of some sort, with some cocoa. Soft texture. The tannin structure is quite good, to be fair. The flavours seem quite light and thin, and the finish is a bit short as well. This is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. but it isn't really Pinot-esque. At all. More like a stripped back Shiraz.

Rating: ★★

Have it with: It's been made broadly, so pairs broadly. Pizza, bangers and mash, nanna's potato bake. She'll be right.

Classic, weird or funky? Classic, but don't expect too much.

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