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Koroniotis Nemea Red 2013

RRP: €8.00 (approx AUD$12.00)

Nemea, Greece

Greek wine, to me, is incredibly evocative. Every single bottle of I've ever had just screams 'I am from Greece!' and I just think of the Aegean, rugged mountains, mezze and olive groves. It's an undefinable magic which I just adore. I know some of you may be sceptical of Greek wine after having one too many glasses of bad retsina but there are some truly magnificent Greek wines out there. This bottle was purchased some years back on a road trip through Greece when I visited the cellar door. The owner and winemaker, Kyriakos Koronitois, is the epitome of Greek hospitality. It was an amazing time. Made from 100% Agiorgitiko (don't be scared of the name - a-ghee-or-git-ick-o) with one year in French oak.

Opening this was a dream. The cork was in great condition, which is always a good sign, with no sign of any faults. The colour is also strikingly vibrant for a relatively cheap bottle of wine with 8 years on it - a deep and concentrated purple, with a little bit of crimson rust just starting on the edges. The perfume is powerful and enthusiastically throws itself from the glass. Rosehip and spiced plum hit me first, but then some bacon fat, dried cherry, nutmeg and boot leather. The contrast from this prettiness to a deeply savoury and earthy palate is a bit of a shock. Think black olives, dried rosemary and road dust with an overarching flavour of overripe, dark plums. It's the tannins, I think, which make this wine so Greek to me. They are so rustic and firm that they could put you off initially. A lot of Greek wine is made with Greek food in mind, though, and if you have this with something fatty (like feta, lamb or oily dolmades) these tannins melt away and keep your mouth from feeling greasy. It is a fun wine, with enough under the hood to be taken seriously if you were so inclined. I have to say, writing about it and remembering makes me want to drink it again. I should have bought a case.

Rating: ★★★★

Have it with? Your cousins Nick, Nick, Nick and Nikki.

Classic, Weird or Funky? Classic, even if you haven't had Greek wine before.

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