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Iron Gate 'Primera' Tempranillo Shiraz 2021


Hilltops, NSW

I'm seeing a lot more Tempranillo Shiraz blends these days, especially from producers based in the Hunter Valley. I find it to be a reliable, juicy and friendly blend and something we should be paying a bit more attention to. I would place money on it being up there with Shiraz Cabernet as a Great Aussie Blend one day. The two just go together like Aerosmith and Run DMC - why didn't we think of it sooner?

Deep purple in the glass, with a dark nose of liquorice, sarsaparilla, sour cherries and a candied fruit lift. It's quite soft on the palate – not big on acid, not big on tannin, but still having just a touch of both. It's juicy, slurpy and goes down easy. That said, this isn't a delicate flower. Blood plums come through, and sour cherry again, with a bit of sarsaparilla bitterness, fresh thyme and walnut on the the finish. The tannin, weirdly, comes through at the end with a powdery grip, which would make this a great wine to have with some finger food or tapas. It finishes clean and light, with a good length for the price, too. This won't be the best wine you've ever had, but it's damn friendly. Drink it with a chill and at your soonest convenience. It's an easy wine to drink and an easy wine to love.

Rating: ★★★★

Classic, weird or funky? Classic Aussie BBQ red.

Have it with? Something charred, relaxed finger food, or a date night in.

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