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Il Modo Greco di Tufo 2019


Geelong, VIC, Australia

Made by the very talented Maree Collis and Ray Nadeson - both former scientists who were led astray into the world of wine - at Lethbridge wines. They make a lot of cool stuff here. The Lethbridge range is your more classically styled wine, Between 5 Bells is all about breaking rules while still being delicious and Il Modo takes inspiration from Italian grapes and styles.

This is made from an Italian variety called Greco Bianco, fermented on skins in 800L ceramic amphora. Sounds cool, right? Well, guess what kids, it is. It has a deeply golden brown colour (queue The Strangers) with a slight haziness to it. Man, I could just smell this wine for hours - it has such depth and complexity to it. Burnt oranges, lemon peel, ginger and cardamom, honeyed figs. The palate isn't what you'd expect from the nose at all, with honey water, apple cider, dried apricot and white pepper. The texture on this wine is phenomenal though. Have it with food and it will change you life.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Have it with? Food. This wine isn't picky. Roast pumpkin, charcoal chicken, antipasto. Drink it with good vibes.

Classic, weird or funky? It's weird, by most people's standards. But this is a classic orange wine.

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