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Hydropath Society 'Pure White' 2018


Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia

Funny story. When I won my award for Best New Writer (shameless self-promotion, I know) Tom Robinson got in touch to congratulate me. He had won in previous years and sent me some wines to celebrate. I drank this on the 12th February, according to my notes. I broke my leg the very next day and was out of action. I'm only just getting round to writing this up now. In no way, to be clear, was I obligated to write a review and Tom didn't ask me to do so.

It's a cool blend on Chardonnay and Gruner Veltliner. On paper, I like the idea a lot. Straw yellow colour, with this greenish tint to it too, so it's definitely pretty to swirl in the glass. The nose immediately tells you that this is designed for clean, easy drinking - riverstone, grapefruit, lime pith and some buttered bread come through. It sounds like a weird combo but, trust me, it works. The flavours are a lot less out there. It's fruit focused, absolutely, with ripe apricot and nectarine, oranges, Granny Smith apples and pears. It's a friendly wine, fresh and lean but somehow so full of character. The purity and simplicity of flavour works so well with it. This wine doesn't focus on being fancy, and potentially failing, but on being fun. And it nails it. Serious value for money here.

Rating ★★★

Have it with? Delicate Thai or Vietnamese dishes. Ideally crocodile would be involved. Classic, weird or funky? It's a weird blend, but there's nothing weird about the wine.

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