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Henschke 'Johanne Ida Selma' Blanc de Noir MD


Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia

I like Henschke. I think that the wines are fabulous across the range. I also like that they, in my mind, haven't compromised on quality throughout their history. If you're going to be recognised at one of Australia's best producers, you absolutely need to back it up. It's also great that they've gone down the Blanc de Noir route rather than the more punter friendly Blanc de Blancs. Again - uncompromising.

A Blanc de Noir is a style of sparkling wine made exclusively from red grapes - in this case Pinot Noir. A long game was played too - this is made up of several vintages from 1997 to 2013, so the more developed notes are balanced with fresher ones. It's a pale straw, lemon colour and a really fine bead. Mint and seaspray on the nose, with white strawberries, toasty bread and pink lady apples. The texture is a little out of sorts, with a tingly prickle from the bubbles which seems to run counter to the raspberry-like acid. Don't get me wrong, it's still cleansing and, jeez, it's got some power and length to it too. Crushed almonds, petals and blueberries dominate the flavours. There's a wild, untamed aspect to it too. The image it conjures is eating berries straight from briar bushes. It won't be everyone's favourite, but those who love it will love it dearly.

Rating: ★★★★

Have it with: Henschke suggest jamon with figs - which would be amazing. But anything in the carpaccio genre would be great, as would fresh berries and a soft, stinky cheese.

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