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First Creek Limited Release Vermentino 2021


Hunter Valley, NSW

Wine tasting can be a funny thing. When I was first tasted it my thought process was "it's good - but is it $30 good?" I had an internal debate about the nature of drinking wine and, as I pondered, the wine warmed up. And then it all made sense. So, learn from my mistakes and serve this like a Chardonnay. You want it chilled, but not directly from the fridge. Let it warm up a little and you'll be rewarded.

Vermentino is a pretty cool grape. It comes from Italy and tolerates both the heat and the cold, so it's pretty versatile. You'll find it planted increasingly throughout Australia, so it's a variety to watch. This one, though, starts off closed and reluctant. You'll get some notes of sea spray, lemon rind and Granny Smith apples, but not much else. Once it opens you'll be treated to some serious acrobatics, though. Candied lemon, a bit of peach, some honeydew and citrus blossoms all come through. There is a sweet fruitiness on the nose too, but I just can't shake that maritime feel. It's cool and composed, with lemon and sea spray again on the palate, but there are some white cherries and nectarines too. Food friendly AF - you'll want this with something oceanic, like prawns or seaweed. I had it with chilli and lemon prawn pasta. It was wonderful.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Classic, weird or funky? Classico.

Have it with? Something from the ocean

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