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Costers Del Sio 'Petit Sios' Tinto 2019


Costers del Segre, Catalan, Spain

I'm not overly familiar with Costers del Segre as a wine region, but I do like me some Spanish red. There is something about them which just captures easy drinking for me. This comes from Lleida, which is about two hours west of Barcelona. The blend looks cool - Tempranillo, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon. I took the liberty of chilling this down slightly.

Oooh the colour is interesting. It looks deep and rich, but hold it against some white paper and you'll see some rusted edges, the colour of brick. I was expecting this too be a bright young thing, but there you go. There is a broad range of scents coming from this glass. Purple fruits - mulberries, blueberries and dark cherries - savoury spice and dried thyme. There's also something earthy I can't quite place - clay? Terracotta? Either way it smells good. It's plush in the mouth, with silky tannin and a pillowy feel. The alcohol is a bit warming and hides the fruit, but that's okay. Some luscious fruit comes through, with ripe plums, cassis and combination of cinnamon and dusty tannins on the finish. It definitely feels like something I'd drink by a river with some cheese and dried meats. Solid wine.

Rating: ★★★☆

Classic, weird or funky? Feels classic, even if the blend isn't.

Have it with? You don't need to be too serious with this one. Rich cheeses and dried meats would be great, but also something you'd eat with your hands, like lamb kebabs.

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