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Clos Saouma Inopia Blanc 2017

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Cote du Rhone, France


I was going to call this a cheeky wine, but it is $70. I wonder at what price point wines stop being 'cheeky wine.' A blend of roussanne and marsanne, but unlike any I have had. Apparently, the winemakers are obsessed with Burgundy, and have tried to capture its essence in the Rhone. They have done a damn fine job.

A vivid, bright and clear golden colour with a wonderful nose. I was getting beeswax, lemon skin and white cherry upfront. As it opened up orange blossom, marzipan and vanilla started to unfurl. The texture is waxy, with a creamy weight and clean acid. Call me crazy, but Weet-Bix is front and centre on the palate, with almond meal, lemon curd, egg meringue and baking spices. This absolutely screams for food. I had this with a chicken shawarma and the pairing was bang on - it dealt with the Middle Eastern spice perfectly. Drink this now or over the next five years. It will age longer, but the freshness of this is just too good.

Rating: ★★★★★

Have it with? Bring out the barbecue. I'd avoid red meats, but this would handle Moroccan spiced chicken, seafood and cauliflower perfectly. Easy on the chilli though.

Classic, weird or funky? Classic, with flavour for days.

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