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Betty & Max Chardonnay 2020


South Eastern Australia

This was sourced from a mixed case, the company being Oak Road Estate Wines. They seem to be a wholesaler/retailer, but I can't find any information on 'Betty & Max.' They are sold, but not made by anyone, it seems. It's also a concern that the wine was rated 97 points by Oak Road Estate's own wine panel. I'm all for strongly recommending a wine to a customer, but rating it, and this highly too? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

I feel like Chardonnay, like Pinot Noir, is not a grape you want to cheap out on. At $10, you're likely safer to go with a Shiraz or Pinot Grigio. Anyway. Good colour, and clean nose. Mango and pineapple, some tinned peaches as well. It's a bit sweet on the palate, but maybe that's just fruit intensity and over-ripeness coming in. 2020 was a hot year, after all. Flavours of grapefruit and peach, with a short finish. For $11 per bottle it isn't bad, per se, but it isn't good either.

Rating: ★★

Have it with? Something rich. Apricot chicken, I'd say. Buttery popcorn too.

Classic, weird or funky? Classic, tad nostalgic.

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