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Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc 2020


Swartland, South Africa

This was something of an impulse buy. I saw this on the shelf of an indie wine retailer and thought 'it's been ages since I've had a Chenin, and I cannot remember when I last had a South African wine.' So, I took a gamble. Chenin Blanc can be a weird little thing. Some are blisteringly acidic and full of lemony citrus, while the more classic styles lean more to aromatic and ripe flavours with a little oiliness, like what comes out of Alsace. South Africa have well and truly have a reputation for making great Chenin, and have made the grape their own on the international stage.

I could smell this the second I poured it. The perfume just leaps from the glass, and screeches stonefruit. Yellow peach and nectarine come through immediately, with some fleshy fig and citrus pith. The show doesn't stop there, though. As it warms, some apricot sweetness starts to come through, along with sea spray, waxy lemon leaf, orange blossoms and a guava-ish note. It has an unctuous and oily texture, with a gentle acid which builds and builds. It's flavours remind me of sunshine and yellow things - and the film clip to No Rain by Blind Melon. Ripe yellow nectarine, lemon and under-ripe apricot definitely are at the fore, but underneath this is kaffir lime leaf, white pepper and flower nectar. This is super cool, and super classic Chenin Blanc. I like it. A lot. Excellent bang-for-buck here.

Rating ★★★★

Have it with? A good Thai red curry. With the pineapple and lychee, this would be a brilliant pairing.

Classic, weird or funky? Classic and classy.

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