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Welcome to Lushmuddled! 

This is a blog for the wine lovers, the everyday drinkers and the curious. For years, wine has had this image as a premium, luxury product, where those in the know enjoy an almost mystical reputation. “He knows about wine,” one might whisper to another at a dinner party. “Quick, hide the moscato!”

That's not Lushmuddled. It's a blog about opening up the wine world and exploring, not just aspirational bottles and world-famous classics, but new wave wines, sustainable wines, wines you take on a date and wines you drink in your pjs. The funky, the fun, the comforting and the classy.

RAISIN D'ETRE (see what I did there?)

1. to provide a down-to-earth, accessible resource for everyday, curious drinkers beyond the tired advice of yesteryear.

2. to champion the sustainable wine movement in Australia and explore the wineries, techniques, varieties and challenges that are paving the way for an exciting wine future for our country (we're making history here, guys!)

I am always down for a good chat about wine, so please hit me up on Instagram, Twitter or the contact form on the About page.  

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